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Welcome to the production blog for the Lethal Theatre production of the show, presented at the Capital Fringe Festival, Washington D.C., July 2008.

26 July 2008

Last Fringe performance

Our last Fringe performance wrapped up a couple of hours ago. We had a
great run @ the Warehouse Next Door with a fantastic venue manager,
complete with a fan! He must have seen over 30 shows, yet he still
liked ours the best. Enough to see it more than once! What a ride
this run has been... Thanks for all of the support & good thoughts,
everyone. And thanks for giving us such a great Fringe run!! Signing
off (for now)... Kathleen

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24 July 2008

The Post likes us.

"It's bleak, it's dangerous, it's scary. Iraq, not the play. The play is very good — it covers one of the strangest (and in some ways most noble) professions."

So says the Washington Post.

The review is short, but sweet.

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14 July 2008


Just want to thank everyone in the cast and crew for a successful
first weekend of the show.

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12 July 2008

From the City Paper

Straight from the Washington City Paper's Fringe and Purge blog:

"Crane does an excellent job in exuding the passion of what being a journalist SHOULD be all about."

Read the full review here.

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09 July 2008


In reading or watching the play, some people have been curious about the section involving the fall of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Firdos Square. Here are some of the sources we found to support that section.

This is the Los Angeles Times article that broke the story, "Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue". It cites an internal report by the U.S. Army explaining exactly how and why the statue fell.

Here is a segment from NPR's The Bryant Park Project on the fifth anniversary of the war and the statue's fall, titled "Reminder: Saddam Statue Was Toppled by Psy-Ops". The audio is available on that page.

Here is a Boston Globe article from 2003--from the day after the event itself, before any allegations of stage managing--that turns a cynical eye on the event, titled "Did iconic images from Baghdad reveal more about the media than Iraq?".

And here is a photo of the event as it happened, from the safe distance of the Palestine Hotel.

Firdos Square, April 9, 2003

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06 July 2008

Oops indeed...

Yes, for some reason, the automated system has decided that no matter who posts, it's going to say that I posted it. Technology's great...we'll get that sorted out...

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The tech yesterday post was made by me, Kathleen. AKA the Lighting
Designer & Stage Manager for the production. I forgot to attach my
name to it, so oops it was posted without a name. Sorry!

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Tech yesterday

Whew! Tech was so much fun yesterday. Amazing how much you can accomplish in 2 hours when everyone is focused, flexible and calm. Some compromising had to take place, but I'm very happy with how it went and how it looks. Yesterday made me realize just how lucky I am. To be working with such an incredibly gifted bunch of people makes the ride that much more enjoyable and rewarding. Just 2 more rehearsals until our Opening Night on Friday!

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01 July 2008

Firing on all cylinders

Last night's run-through was a thing of beauty. One of the things that I love about the process is discovering things that I didn't know were there--and you'd think the writer would know what was there. But no, there were several connections, several links from one scene to the next, or moments of change and growth for the main character that just seemed to spring up out of nowhere.

Dan made me cry at several things that have never had an effect on me before; that's high praise. There are a few moments in this script that usually hit me, and I'm not someone who cries easily at books or movies or shows. One or two of them are personal--there's a story, a memory of World War II, that is a true story from my grandfather, and that seriously got to me in the rehearsal.

The undercurrents of humor, of amusement, of coping, all of those are stronger as well. One thing that seems to surprise people is just how much humor there is in the script, considering the subject matter. Dan and Joel have worked to keep that sense, to ground it in reality. Sometimes, you have to laugh just to keep going.

So, there it is. I thought it was a good play before. I had no idea.

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30 June 2008

In country, as it were.

I'm in D.C. for the day, for to put up posters. No, that's not why I flew in. We're going to see a run of the show tonight, and I'm finally going to get to meet the cast and crew in person. As much fun as it's been to be a disembodied voice on a conference call or an out of focus face on a Skype video call, it'll be nice to be in the same room for once.

Such is life in the technological age.

As for the site, everything seems to be up and running now but for the store. We'll get to that soon enough.

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