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Looking for more background on our story? Here are some of the resources that were useful to us while putting this production together. Some are videos embedded directly in this site, while the PBS links lead to separate sites with streaming video. Most of these deal with the current situation in Iraq and other issues touched on by the script.

War Zone Diary

A stunning and personal documentary. Richard Engel, of NBC News, kept a video diary through much of his time in Baghdad. As he puts it, "It's primitive. Most often, I took my small mini-DV camera and turned it on myself, reflecting and commenting as I watched the war—and myself—change."

This is very much like the story of "Gunfire." What's most amazing is that the original draft and production of "Gunfire" premiered more than a year before this documentary aired. We have used it since as an example for our director and our cast, to show what kind of conditions our character would have been living with.

He has also come out with two books about his time in Iraq. We haven't even had a chance to read his most recent, War Journal: My Five Years in Iraq, which acts as something of a companion to the documentary while elaborating and continuing beyond. We did read his previous book, A Fist in the Hornet's Nest, also very informative.


Several episodes of PBS's Frontline have served as research, either directly or as background material. All of these links lead to microsites for each episode, complete with streaming video of complete episodes.

Endgame -- From Day 1, the idea was to get in and out as quickly as possible. Four years later, and there's no way out. Originally aired in 2007.

Rules of Engagement -- The untold story of what really happened in Haditha. Originally aired in 2008.

Bush's War -- The two-part, epic story about how the war for Iraq was fought--on the ground, in country, and infighting in D.C. Originally aired in 2008.

Bad Voodoo's War -- On the ground with a National Guard platoon armed with their own cameras. Originally aired in 2008.

Gangs of Iraq -- A hard look at the realities of trying to train a new Iraqi army and police force from the ground up. Originally aired in 2007.

The Lost Year in Iraq -- The story of the CPA. They came to rebuild and bring democracy. When their time was up, they left behind lawlessness, insurgency and economic collapse. Originally aired in 2006.

The Insurgency -- A look at those fighting against the U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq. Originally aired in 2006.

No End in Sight

Maybe the sharpest, clearest presentation of the facts and the timeline behind the war in Iraq. Filmmaker Charles Ferguson has also published a companion book--he compares them by saying that if the movie represents only one percent of the research, the book is about ten percent. Indispensible. The book and the film are both available at Amazon.com.

You may also watch the film here, courtesy of Veoh.com.





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